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I’ll keep saying YES!

...continued from the previous blog... "Hello, Jem. Before I say anything, can we pray first?" After that coffee date (na frappe naman talaga), we became a little more familiar with each other. We started chatting a lot, we talked about the most random things. There were even instances that we chatted until 1 am! We… Continue reading I’ll keep saying YES!

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Mr. Right has ARRIVED Pt.1

"...So this is how it's like to be with someone who also genuinely loves my Abba..."   Every time I'd read my previous blogs, I can't help but smile a little. Why? Well, if you'd really take time to read every single one of them, you'd notice how I constantly wrote about my broken heart.… Continue reading Mr. Right has ARRIVED Pt.1

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Reset Button

 ..It was as if God gave me a reset button.. Have you ever wondered what God was thinking when He decided to forgive your trespasses even when the world sees no remorse in you, or you in yourself? I always wonder what it would be like to be God's secretary. LOL. I would probably be… Continue reading Reset Button

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Valentine’s Day Anxiety Precautions

If you'd ask me what might be a woman's worst day of the year, especially if one is single, I'd say it would definitely be Valentine's day. (I am NOT a professional in any psychological study, but, this is what I believe works for me, and a couple of people I journey with.)  Valentine's day… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Anxiety Precautions

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Toughest Year Yet: 2018

It has been one heck of a year! 2018 was definitely a year I will never ever forget. Before January 2019 ends, I want to do a recap on the lessons I learned from the year 2018. For... It was a year of Brokenness Reading my blogs from the past year, I remembered how tough January 2018 was.… Continue reading Toughest Year Yet: 2018

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Today, my sister asked me how the condition of my heart was. We, as a family, are learning to ask each other's heart issues, if there's any, or just plainly our heart's conditions. We've never done this in the past, but we agreed to also care about each other's heart statuses as part of learning… Continue reading Wholeness

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My Heart Status

I have not written about my love-life in a while. I did write a fair amount of brokenness, singleness, rejections, etc but I have not updated on my current heart status. Before I get into details, I would like to mention that I am fully healed and recovered. I have finally reached the point in… Continue reading My Heart Status